As general distributor for German-speaking countries we offer innovative vacuum solutions, successful since 35 years and installed in thousands of industrial vacuum applications around the world. The vaccon technology offers the following special features and advantages.

95 % - High Performance Vacuum Power!

95 % Vacuum power is tough to top. Vacuum ejectors commonly available on the market only achieve 80 - 85 %.

95 % Vacuum power

a very special technical success.
minimum air consumption saves energy. The high vacuum allows to use smaller suction cups.
rapid suction and cycle times for increased productivity and time savings.
optimized flow technology engineered by the aviation and aerospace industry.

Safe vacuum

consistent performance even in adverse conditions, in dusty and dirty environments - where other technologies often fail!
maintenance-free and indestructible due to a simple, compact, and robust construction, no filter required - you will save maintenance and replacement costs!
no jamming from dirt particles due to large nominal diameters and high performance.

Variable vacuum

whatever you want to move - our wide vacuum range provides lots of applications.
variably adjustable vacuum power and volume on a number of series.
custom materials available, such as e.g. stainless steel (AISI 303, 304, 316, 316L), PVC, POM - for your special requirements (food industry, pharma and medical branch).

"Which came first... the chicken or the egg?
Does it matter? With Vaccon-solutions you can transport them all at the same time ."

We proudly present the Centennial-Generation of SOMMER TECHNIK Vacuum Ejectors:

When it comes to fluids it is well worth asking the sciences.
The new ejector cartridges and the improved surface have liftet the vacuum performance into a new dimension. So now we are able to convert compressed air into vacuum power almost free of losses. Take good care of your tie during testing!

The vacuum decreases by 12.5 mbar per each 100 m above sea level:

The vacuum cartridges can be mounted and removed quick and easily.
This allows a comfortable cleaning of the system.

Standard material:
high-strength polyamid.

Optionally available in brass/aluminium at an

Sample applications >>>