S U C T I O N  L I F T I N G  C Y L I N D E R   –   S E R I E S   H Z 2 0

The suction stroke cylinder...

is a simple and reasonably priced component with a lot of automation.
It is torsion-proof and has a universal holder for all our suction cup models with a 1/8" or 1/4" outside fitting (SG..., SH..., SO..., and SR...).
Version "V" has an integrated vacuum ejector.
For supervisory purposes the position of the magnet piston can be requested via the HZ20-RS reed switches. These can each be fixed in the case groove.

Magnetic piston Ø: 20 mm
Function: Double acting, torsion-proof
Traction: 125 N
Load: Only in axial direction
Operating pressure: 4 - 10 bar
Temperature range: -20 °C...+80 °C
Material housing: Anodized aluminum
(suction holder: aluminium)




vacuum ejector
HZ20-005-18 5 G1/8" -
HZ20-005-18V 5 G1/8" +
HZ20-005-14 5 G1/4" -
HZ20-005-14V 5 G1/4" +
HZ20-015-18 15 G1/8" -
HZ20-015-18V 15 G1/8" +
HZ20-015-14 15 G1/4" -
HZ20-015-14V 15 G1/4" +
HZ20-025-18 25 G1/8" -
HZ20-025-18V 25 G1/8" +
HZ20-025-14 25 G1/4" -
HZ20-025-14V 25 G1/4" +
HZ20-050-18 50 G1/8" -
HZ20-050-18V 50 G1/8" +
HZ20-050-14 50 G1/4" -
HZ20-050-14V 50 G1/4" +
HZ20-100-18 100 G1/8" -
HZ20-100-18V 100 G1/8" +
HZ20-100-14 100 G1/4" -
HZ20-100-14V 100 G1/4" +

Other stroke lengths are available upon request, delivery exclud. suction cups.

We recommend the following accessories:

Accessory (opt.):
Bracket (Order-No. HZ20-WI)                                                            Reed-switch (Order-No. HZ20-RS)

Order-No. Description
HZ20-RS Reed-switch, closed, 3-pin, 10-30VAC/DC, 500mA/10W, 3 m cable
HZ20-WI Mounting bracket for HZ20
ECP4-M5-K M5 hose connection piece, straight
S-PU2,5 Pneumatic hose 2.5 x 4 mm
S-PV4 Pneumatic hose 4 x 6 mm