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C O M P A C T  A N D  V E R Y  R E A S O N A B L Y  P R I C E D   –   S E R I E S   V G

· (Venturi-principle)

Anybody who has compressed air now also has vacuum power! No more expensive vacuum pumps! A super-ejector now provides a simply incredible suction performance. At 6 bar only 13 norm liters/min. of compressed air are required to produce a low pressure of 0.8 bar. This corresponds to 10 liters of vacuum volume per minute.
You can connect the VGM5 directly with the hose.
There is no simpler way! The VG1/8 has the same insides and also achieves the same performance. A handy and space-saving way to turn compressed air into vacuum power. You can let it hang loose between hoses or fix it in place with a hose clamp.
The housing is made of nickel-plated brass.

Matching fittings are available under Accessories.





Noise level

VG1/8 G1/8" incl. silencer 70 dB
VGM5 M5 - 75 dB