V A C U U M  F I L T E R  F O R  L I N E  I N S T A L L A T I O N   –   S E R I E S   V F

This filter is put into the hose line immediately before the vacuum generator to avoid soilings in the vacuum injector.

Material: Housing: plastic, filter element: paper
Temperature range: -10 °C...+80 °C
Pore density: 10 µm
Scope of delivery: Filter and mounting clamp

Vacuum filter
Replacement filter
Mounting clamp


For hoses


VF4 4 mm outside Ø VFE4 VFBK4
VF6 6 mm outside Ø VFE4 VFBK4
VF8 8 mm outside Ø VFE8 VFBK8
VFEW6 6 mm inside Ø - -